Often our hearts and our heads speak two different languages…

Often our hearts and our heads speak two different languages… A battle wages between our soul (feelings) and our ego (mind)… We often disregard this battle, conceding to our ego. Why? Because it is easier to follow the rules of the matrix and participate in the boxes that define us, rather than follow our inner truth and higher self… rather than change our lives, break free from what causes our suffering. Fear keeps us chained to our current experience, especially if what we desire does not conform to the norm. We choose to deny and ignore our truth, guidance, intuition… the subtle whispers of divine intervention. We would rather believe we are our smaller self confined to this worldly experience, that we are separate from one another, that this is all there is, all there can be, and we don’t deserve better… it is just not our destiny. What we “forget” is what happens here stays here and as a soul we progress to the next iteration. Our soul inherently has a higher understanding and knowledge of what is beyond what we can see… It knows universal truth and the inhibitive laws of this dimension.. Your soul wants to lead, expand, explode in creativity, unite with your higher self, but the first step is to recognize it’s the real you… not your mind… © Jodi Healy

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2 Responses to Often our hearts and our heads speak two different languages…

  1. Stanley says:

    I have been involved in the same battle for a long time. How to break the cycle?

    • Jodi Healy says:

      it begins with acceptance… then a purification process… whenever you are triggered in the present, where something happens that makes your mind spin (like jealousy, fear) you sit in that feeling. you face and dive into that pain to release it. Not dwell in it or fuel your mind with thoughts about it, you just feel it… cry, grieve, whatever it is… then it will disappear… however we have so much stored inside us it truly is a process.. i myself went through it and still do but i can tell you that it lessens each time and the triggers disappear.. where nothing outside of me affects me anymore negatively… that is how to merge into your true self, live from your soul space, from within…

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