Hey you, leave me alone.

Hey, you. No, you. Yeah, you. You know who you are.. the one who hides behind your computer labeling and making assumptions and judgments about everyone else. NEWS FLASH: I don’t care what you and those you associate with think about me or what I do. I do what I want, when I want. I love who I choose and have sex when I desire. I don’t care about your rules and institutions. I don’t conform to your miserable mundane beliefs or live my life according to what you think I should be or do. I am a powerful beautiful woman, who travelled around the world, flies a plane, rides a motorcycle, made millions, love my body, and my life. My energy is invested in trying to change the world to be a better place for you. You are jealous because I represent what you desire deep down for yourself… the freedom to live and create your own reality. Saddest part is I would teach you this truth- if you would listen, but until you face your self hate I can’t help. Invest your energy in yourself rather than worrying about what I do… And in the meantime- fuck off, I have better shit to do.

About Jodi Healy

Mother, Author, World Traveler Philanthropist, and Blogger in the Quest for Truth, Happiness, & Enlightenment... jodihealy.com
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