One day it will just hit you..

if you are one of the lucky ones, some day you will reach a point in your life when you realize nothing outside of you matters.. it’s not that you don’t care about the things outside of you, or that you don’t love those things… especially people entrusted to you like children.. but, it is the realization that what happens or doesn’t happen will never truly fulfill you.. We spend our life seeking.. acquiring.. trying.. and one day it will just hit you. maybe when you find out you have a terminal disease, maybe when you turn 40. maybe when you’ve tried everything you can possibly try and it doesn’t work anymore.. or maybe you are just tired of trying.. whatever the reason, if you are one of the lucky ones you’ll figure it out. then you can spend your life happy or enjoying yourself rather than trying to

About Jodi Healy

Mother, Author, World Traveler Philanthropist, and Blogger in the Quest for Truth, Happiness, & Enlightenment...
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