Do you know the difference between your “ego” or your “soul”?

Do you know the difference between your “ego” or your “soul”?  Do you know the difference between being “present” or being “lost in incessant thought”? Very few people are actually present in their own body let alone their own life, yet have no idea they live in an unconscious state. Most people exist only in their minds, constantly thinking about the past; how good or bad it was, what happened, what he or she said, what they forgot or didn’t do, what they did and how good they did it, how they used to be happy, or how someone hurt them… never just being fully present in the moment they are in… Or people exist only in their minds in the future. By hoping that they will be fulfilled or happy tomorrow; fantasizing about something different, being someplace better, having more money or things, a better career or partner… or in the reverse, they live in constant fear of the future, worrying what might happen, what will happen, or what won’t happen. All these thoughts keep us from being present, grateful and serene with what we have. Try and stop thinking and just be. Watch your mind and what it creates and where it brings you. It is almost impossible to stop it. Our minds establish our ego, a false sense of identity and control, our sense of reality.. this mind matrix that we swirl around in constantly, never truly being present in the moment. It is not about meditating and obtaining a zen like state, it is about being fully present in the context you are in, right where you are, wherever you are. When you resonate from this place your soul will begin to rise above the noise, where intellect is not necessary to make decisions, you just know. The universe, which you are connected to will bring you the tools, answers, and people you need right when you need them… You already have all you need. But you need to let go. We do not need our egos, or our incessant thoughts.. they are an illusion that keeps us in a constant state of wanting, not feeling content, never being satisfied.. Everything you need is here right now. Everything is ok..

About Jodi Healy

Mother, Author, World Traveler Philanthropist, and Blogger in the Quest for Truth, Happiness, & Enlightenment...
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