If someone were to ask you what you wanted…

If someone were to ask you what you wanted, that anything you envisioned would come to you, do you really know what you would want your life to look like? Can you envision what you truly desire? Or is your life defined by what happens outside of you, what someone says or tells you it should be. This is part of the illusion, the matrix we function in. We originate and grow into a belief system that others will dictate our fulfillment, appropriately participating in these fabricated boxes and systems will fulfill us; schooling, government system, career. We automatically buy into this structure and then spend our lives wondering why we feel trapped, depressed, unfulfilled. This ties into the belief that we are all separate and powerless of what happens to us or around us, that we have no control over anything other than our physical bodies. We are meant to just function in society and that’s it, with fleeting moments of freedom and pleasure, on the weekends, vacations. What we don’t realize is we are powerful beyond measure and most never even realize it for a second. The power is within us and we can break free from these rules that bind us. What we attract, believe, intend can become our reality. We believe that people who are successful, thin, in shape, have the perfect mate, perfect job are just lucky or everything comes their way. We all know those people, who are confident, focused, determined. It seems they have a personal mission and never waiver from that belief that they will obtain whatever they desire- and they do. Those people hold the secret, the truth. We are all meant to live in abundance and happiness. Our pain is self created. We do not own our power of creation, our power to honor what we really want. People who are inspired are unstoppable. They resonate from an internal place of power.  This inspiration is inside all of us if we stop looking around for someone to give us the answer, to show us what we need or want, break free from these structures we sacrifice our life force to. If we owned that responsibility each day, held that picture of our utopia in our minds, released from the pain that someone else should provide it, we will obtain everything. It will come to us. We will become what we believe and see.

About Jodi Healy

Mother, Author, World Traveler Philanthropist, and Blogger in the Quest for Truth, Happiness, & Enlightenment... jodihealy.com
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