If you don’t believe in what you want, no one else will either.

As an angel investor I receive emails from almost every type of person and industry you can imagine… I always reply to every one, even if simply to point them in the right direction… Why not? If I take the time to ask for help, I expect a reply. But the one thing I have found is those who believe in their purpose, despite what anyone else thinks, are the ones who succeed…. Regardless of how many no’s, obstacles, or amount of rejection, they proceed with a impenetrable and unwavering passion. If you don’t believe in what you want, no one else will either. Energy is contagious, either way you go… @ jodihealy.com

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We MUST become advocates of our own health and take responsibility for it…

I don’t often talk about personal things that happen, because I feel they are part of life and I don’t give them much power. However, last July I had a serious accident (doing something stupid), where I fell and hit my head. One fall turned into multiple as my children were too young to call for help, and I kept losing consciousness. Since, I have experienced Post Concussive Syndrome which I would not wish on anyone. However, this is not the point of my story… The first Neurologist I saw basically told me I would simply have to live with this and “hopefully” my brain would find a new pathway around the damage. But more than a year later, I decided I could not live this way anymore. As a single mother of three small children you can understand how this would have a serious impact in the quality of your life (without getting into the details). I saw a different Neurologist this week at another top hospital in Boston. After about 25 minutes he proceeded to tell me my symptoms were similar to migraines (which I don’t have), but that he can prescribe a drug to help (by the way PCD symptoms are similar to about a thousand other disorders also). He said the drug was originally developed in 1920 for depression but has been “found to help” with other disorders. I basically told him NO WAY, I would NOT take ANY type of drug that chemically altered my brain. No thanks. I would find alternatives. He giggled a little (yes giggled), and said there were three other options we could try. First, Magnesium. Your brain may actually be deficient but not your body. It is a mineral in most daily vitamins, but has to be in a specific form to break the brain blood barrier; Magnesium Oxide. After being pregnant four years in a row and nursing three children I am not surprised my body is depleted of anything, it takes a toll on your body creating and sustaining another life. I had deathly low levels of Vitamin D after my last child which caused significant fatigue. The Neurologist told me Magnesium Oxide worked in 70% of patients (yes 70%) who find relief to PCD and migraines. The two other things were Riboflavin and Vitamin B2 if Magnesium did not work. All natural. Praise to this Doctor for not pushing the drugs and recommending natural alternatives to try. Within two days of taking Magnesium Oxide I felt like myself again. I am a health nut who takes supplements daily but these could not reach my brain. I actually cleaned my entire house, washed both cars, sorted toys, on and on. I am not sure this will resolve my issue completely but I became my own advocate and did not settle. To top this off my insurance would not cover the $7.50 a month for a naturally occurring mineral but without question would cover the hundreds a month for the drug. We each MUST become our own advocates of our health and take responsibility for it. It should be a collaboration with our Doctors who first recommend natural cures… Please research and own your power! Much love. © jodihealy.com – if you like this please share, someone else may too :)

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Those who make themselves right by making others wrong, are part of the problem.

Those who preach or who claim to know what is right but do so by judging others or making someone else wrong, do not truly understand truth… Free will is our right to choose, our innate right as a human being to experience what we desire or need to… Only through understanding and compassion can anything change. Those who make themselves right by making others wrong are doing so in the same consciousness that created it… they are simply continuing and enabling the problems to exist. It is actually the same problem, swirling in the same level of consciousness, that what we do defines us or matters… rather than we are already worthy and one with God. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” – Einstein. © jodihealy.com – if you like this please share, someone else may too :)

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5 second to happiness! Simple trick.

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Why are we here? Why would we choose to separate from God…

Why are we here? Why would we choose to separate from God; divine love, peace, purity, harmony, perfection? Why would we do that? The answer is simple. To be… to expand… to experience. Each flower exists and is subtly different from another, no one is exactly the same. Every flower is an example of simple creation, arising from source energy. Are we any different? One flower doesn’t try to be like another, change its color, when or how it blooms, or even its form. It purpose is simple, to be… to manifest its uniqueness, perfectly, without question. We chose to separate from God to manifest our individual uniqueness, that only we can… we each are unique and special, already, right now as we are. Yes we can create and manifest whatever we intend, but just being you in any moment is divine… We may have separated from source but we are still one with God. © jodihealy.com – if you like this please share, someone else may too :)

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Most people don’t even realize they’re lying…

Most people don’t even realize they’re lying… most have gotten so used to denying their truth and telling people what they want to hear, that even the simplest things are lies… Our culture has evolved into a “show” we all participate in. Act a certain way, conform. Hide anger, unhappiness, even your desires. We shy away from depression, alcoholics, or others who need help as if they are contagious, because they trigger a resonance is us we all understand and fear. We oppress and deny our truth. We don’t believe we are worthy or will be accepted for who we really are… and honestly few are. We don’t know how to love each other unconditionally… So, we deny ourselves, feelings, thoughts, desires. Then, wonder why we are unhappy. © jodihealy.com – if you like this please share, someone else may too :)

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Love may hurt but it is worth it every time…

Why doesn’t anyone tell us as children; “Love often hurts. The person you love may not love you back, or it may change. But, that’s OK. There are many people to love. When it happens, grieve, feel the sadness and loss of that person. Let the bad feelings pass through you. Do not deny them. Do not suppress them. Do not even take your anger out on someone else. Do not make the other person the cause or the problem. Do not try to fix it or stop it from happening. Do not blame the other person for the hurt you feel. Let it happen. These are simply your feelings, inside of you. It is your energy field generating emotional energy from the experience. It is beautiful. To feel this means you felt love, alive. You are now experiencing the opposite, loss, lack of love. So, let yourself cry, be sad, for as long as it takes. Do not try to hide or pretend that it didn’t hurt. Be authentic. Don’t worry what other people think or say. Be vulnerable, real. Let it out. It will pass. Then you can love again. If you try to love again too soon, you may bring this negative energy into the new relationship and that will hurt it. It will not be pure. It cannot be authentic when you can’t be. Love is a gift. It is not exclusive. It may hurt but it is worth it every time…” © jodihealy.com A sneak peak from my new book “Follow Your Feelings, Our Pathway Home” coming soon… if you like this please share, someone else may too! :)

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