My breast implants almost killed me. They weren’t leaking.

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My breast implants almost killed me, literally. I have deliberated for months on whether I should tell this story. No one wants to admit they had plastic surgery, even though it seems commonplace now to get breast implants. Even teenagers are doing it.

But I decided I must share in the hopes that maybe I can save some girl or woman’s life or save her from the suffering I endured. Maybe you can by sharing this. 

No risks were disclosed to me, other than the standard possibility that implants could leak, and must be monitored and removed if so. There are also complications like infections from surgery and capsular contraction, but I recovered perfectly and my breasts looked amazing.

I didn’t get breast implants because I hated my body or felt inadequate or suffered from low self-esteem. I never even cared that much about breasts, ironically. Maybe it was a mid-life crisis, maybe it was nursing three children, or maybe it’s simply because I’m an impulsive person. I enjoyed my larger breasts while I was nursing. After nursing they felt deflated. I had to have hernia surgery so figured why not. I would do it at the same time.

I remember asking the surgeon what the risks were, that could I get sick, especially if they leaked. He took the implant and threw it against the wall as hard as he could, then handed it to me. Great sales pitch. Allergan Silicone Cohesive Gel Implants. These were the “new” implants, they “fixed” all the issues.

Within 3 months after my surgery I started to feel extremely tired and run down. I chalked it up to being tired from raising three small children and still recovering from surgery. At 6 months my symptoms continued to worsen. At my brother’s wedding I had to nap in the afternoon and missed the reception. I felt like I had the flu and was utterly exhausted. I also started to experience brain fog, which feels like a bad hang over.

I was in denial that something was wrong. I didn’t even know what it felt like to be sick, I had always been healthy. I kept making excuses because some days I would feel ok again. And raising three small children is a lot of work.

8 months after my implants, in a brain fog, I lost my balance, fell and hit my head on the edge of the pool. I continued to black out and hit my head over and over again, almost knocking my two front teeth out during one fall.

Cat scan and MRI were normal. They sent me home and said I suffered a concussion. The ER doctor said, “It doesn’t make sense why you would fall. You are a healthy young woman.” For some reason I instinctively asked, “Could it be my implants?” He said, “No.” Then recommended I explore heart disease.

But, now I had a reason for my symptoms, a diagnosis. Post concussive syndrome.

However, I continued to get worse over the next 6 months. I was completely exhausted, could barely get through a day, dizzy, constant sensations of blacking out, heart racing, brain fog, tinnitus, vision issues, anxiety attacks, and more. It seemed like each week I had new symptoms.

No one knew what was wrong. I became a prisoner in my own home. 3 top neurologists in Boston, heart specialist at MGH, sleep specialist, blood tests, echocardiogram, heart halter monitor, ER visits, MRI’s, Cat scan’s, brain scan’s, on and on. All normal.

I felt so alone and discouraged. Breast implant illness is an invisible disease. You look fine but inside your body is haywire. The implants were poisoning me slowly and my normal body functions were shutting down, one by one. They did not rupture nor were they “leaking”. The chemicals used to make them made me sick. My body could not detox.

I found a website that gave me hope. My intuition kept nudging me. But I was still in denial. Over 20 doctors told me the implants could not be making me sick yet couldn’t explain why a perfectly healthy female was suddenly so ill.

The doctors and implant company will deny this but I know if I didn’t have them removed when I did, I would be dead. Nicole Tipsmark’s website saved my life. Many women have died. The implants from the 90’s went away, but the problem still exists. It is difficult to directly link implants to symptoms. These symptoms are so similar to so many other diseases.

I made one last attempt to my doctor who has known me for 20 years and told her I was dying. She had no answers, she performed every test she knew. She recommended I see a naturopath. I also made one last appointment to plead with the head of neurology for help. Most of my symptoms were neurological. I told him I felt like I was dying. He prescribed Zolaf. Yes, an antidepressant.

The following week I had my implants removed, at my expense.

Within 2 weeks I started to feel better. Within three months through a vigorous juicing and detox protocol I am almost symptom free. I am not 100% yet but I am 100% better. What I have learned is mind blowing that these companies know this happens to many women, but we are a statistic. And it isn’t a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when” they will get sick.

I could sue and may, not for the money but to save lives. This type of medical malpractice is unacceptable. We trust doctors and these companies to protect us, not sell us devices that could kill us.

Women need to know the truth. Please share this with anyone you know who has or is considering implants. Maybe you can save their lives. It is an elective procedure but I never agreed to these risks. If I knew any one of my symptoms could have been from my implants, I would have had them removed immediately. I would have saved 2 years of my life in hell.

Much love.

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Love is not what you think it is


Love is not what you think it is. It isn’t exclusive. It isn’t what you were raised and conditioned to believe. It isn’t something you only have or can have with one person. It isn’t finite. It isn’t conditional. Love is a resonance. Love is simply an energy, the most powerful energy that exists. And “love” exists in all things, even water. Some believe it is God. Some believe love is the energy that manifests all life, source energy. Scientists around the world are discovering that “love”, its energy, can mold, shape, and change the form and structure of anything that exists on this planet, water, even us. Dr. Masaru, Dr. Hunt, the movie Secret of Water, all demonstrate how little we know about the invisible forces of energy in us and on our planet. We have yet to understand how to manipulate energy but energy manipulates us… The resonance you carry, how you feel, determines not only your experience but the physical state of your being. Being in love raises our vibration, and so often we believe it is a person causing it, but in reality they are simply triggering our true resonance… Why one person does this while another doesn’t is not yet understood but sadly we limit ourselves and our experience of love in the confines of  singular human relationships. I believe love is in us, that we are love, and others simply trigger a higher resonance. When we are being molded by opposing energies, like stress and hate, that love is suppressed and our vibration is lowered. But some people raise our vibration, we feel in love or love because they remind us of our truth. The more open you are, the more you can experience love always,  alone or with anyone, even in nature. Love is more powerful and vast than you can ever comprehend… Be aware and open. Much love xo #JodiHealy @

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We can never know the invisible demons that plaque the lives of another…

We can never know the invisible demons that plague the lives of another… behind the veil of sadness, anger, hostility, or sudden isolation… these can be debilitating physical ailments or diseases, bouts of dark depression, the unexpected of loss a loved one. Sometimes compassion and simple detachment gives someone the break they need. To let them be right where they are, and accepted. Sometimes people cannot handle what they are experiencing, and it bleeds onto those around them. It may not be personal. It is like allowing a child to have a temper tantrum, to release the energy that consumes them. Sometimes people need a break from having to perform or live up to social standards during tough unspoken times… Remember the world revolves around each of us, yet differently. It isn’t always about us. #acceptance #unconditionallove #liveandletlive

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Even darkness folds into light…

You can either see life as beautiful, abundant, fulfilling, and supporting you in everything that happens… or you can see the darkness, lack of, and live in fear of the things you can’t control, the unknown. However, know it’s a choice how you decide to experience life. It is all a matter of perspective. All waves fold back into the whole, even darkness into light, as do all things. ©
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Emotions are our personal amusement park.

Emotions are our personal amusement park. Each experience is a ride; some make you throw up, some make you lightheaded and dizzy, some make you scream, some make you lose your breath, some make your whole body tingle, some make you feel like you are flying, and some make you laugh so hard you cry… but without these things life would be boring, even mundane. Every single experience you have is a gift, even the polarity. To feel is to be human.© #jodihealy .com #supersoulsunday #happiness #lifeisagift #followyourfeelings

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Being human sucks. But that’s the point.

Being human sucks was as a book title I created when I was younger. I assumed everyone else had it figured out and I was the only one who was unhappy. I wasn’t always unhappy but I certainly wasn’t one of those people that was always happy… Now I realize, being human does suck (often but not always), but that’s the purpose of being here, to experience it all. We are going to stub our toe, get stung, have the flu, lose our favorite toy, grab expired ice cream from the freezer… This is what separates us from the other life on this planet. We have the gift of emotion, a deep and vast kaleidoscope of feelings to experience, including the bad ones. A deer doesn’t get lost in envy nor does a bird dwell in grief (at least that we can see). Life isn’t meant to be perfect or utopian ALL THE TIME, that happens next. Yet we spend so much of our lives resisting, resenting, trying to control, deny, avoid, numb, or suppress anything “bad”. We want a perfect night sleep every night. It’s never going to happen, no matter what mattress you have. The only way you can appreciate the great night sleep is the perspective you gain from the bad one. That’s the point. Life is polarity. The key to mastering happiness is accepting pain as a part of life, being able to experience it then let it go. It will pass, it always does. © –if you like, share someone else may too :)

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