The power is in you!

The power is in you. You already have it… most of us just don’t know how to use it. But in understanding quantum physics at a molecular level, the fact that you exist right now is an amazing feat… from the smallest cell to an organ in your body; billions of cells harmonizing together… Your physical body is simply the “waste product” of the energy you generate, and the energy that makes YOU you. You are energy FIRST and a physical being seond. You are not separate from this power, it is your power… When you accept this you can not only take control of your health and body, but your life! Early Summer I will be launching a seminar series “THE POWER IS IN YOU” – – I will be guiding you how to increase your physical, mental, and emotional intelligence in a holistic and total approach to being through 10 simple practices on how to OWN YOUR POWER… Stopping the blame game, taking responsibility for your thoughts and feelings, following your feelings, understanding synchronicity and more… xo © – if you like this please share, someone else may too!!!

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Optimal Health Series

For the last 8 months I have been on a holistic journey towards optimal health, not just dieting or eating differently or over excising or obsessing with losing weight… Instead my journey has been simply to find the perfect balance between loving my body and being healthy. Weight loss is obviously a benefit of this journey, but I changed my focus from an outward approach to an inward one and the way I feel is in incredible. I drank more water, took the right supplements, probiotics, ate live foods, and healed my beliefs about food and myself (which is half our battle, why we eat). I realized we are taught to obsess and hate our bodies, that we are victims and powerless over them, and that we are never good enough. I grew up with this belief despite being a top athlete and always in shape. I’m now 41 and gave birth to 3 children. I am working on a seminar we will be offering early summer on how to not just change your physical being but your state of being as well – in a holistic approach to optimal health through mind, body, spirit. Attached is a sample of the content: Life should be about loving life, your body and grounding into being, and being able to experience all of the pleasures of it. I hope to share this with all of you!! Xo much love

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Forget Resolutions! Appreciate you, as you are.

My wish for you, is rather than set New Year’s resolutions, spend an hour to reflect on the life you have created, ALL the amazing and wonderful things you have EXPERIENCED (and survived), that have made you who you are…

Life is about the EXPERIENCES we have and create… NOT the things we accumulate or achieve. Not the things we regret or don’t do, but the things we do.

We are here to experience good and bad, happy and sad, ALL of it. When we learn to relish in the things we label as bad we become free, and in some way JUST learn to enjoy the ride, even the bumps along the way… all that matters is now, and life, really (why we are here) is simply about experience.

You can’t DO anything wrong, as long as you are doing what’s right for you. If people get hurt along the way by what you do to take care of yourself, that’s their stuff, their lesson, and their responsibility.

Someone asked me if I had any regrets… and honestly I can say none. I move forward. I can’t say I always made the right decisions or choices but every single one of them has made me who I am. They gave me perspective, something which allows me to understand others and have compassion. If nothing, I can relate because I’ve been there. I’ve experienced similar or the same. This connects me to all of you, to everyone. Our circumstances may be different but we are all the same; our experience, our FEELINGS. It is all relative.

Regrets are for those who feel things could have or should have been different… It is a waste of energy. There are only two days that never matter – yesterday and tomorrow.

I look at life as opportunity, to experience new FEELINGS, new sensations. I try to stretch beyond my comfort zone and open myself to all the waves of energy that accompany life and a new experience. I take full responsibility for myself, my health, my life.

I did more than most ever will by the time I was 25, and now that I’m 41, probably more than a hundred will do. And I am FAR from done. I can’t wait to do more. I feel like I haven’t done enough. Does this make me better? Not at all. Do I say this in ego? No, because I don’t do things because I’m supposed to or because people think I should. I do what I FEEL. I WISH the same for you.

I used to take my parents car when I was 13 to go buy pizza, but I also drove two drunks home from a party at 15 so they wouldn’t kill someone. I have shoplifted, stole my prom dress (which I paid back years later), watched a high school boyfriend run a drug operation. I never judged. I saw how hard it was to be homeless after your abusive father kicked you out at 17, and how some simply find a way to survive.

I travelled around the world at 20 with no money, stood at the top of the Pyramids, drank with Russian Mafia in Turkey, got lost in Taiwan on a bus route in the mountains and rescued by a loving family, had my umbrella taken by gun point in India, hiked in two different rain forests (one during a flash flood), attacked by monkeys in Costa Rica, flown in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon. I never had fear. I figured if it was my time to go, why not go while doing something incredible. I love to travel, immerse myself in another culture, another energy… the different smells, sounds, all encompassing. Even Texas for a weekend will do it.

But travelling doesn’t require tons of money, it can be done right where you are. Go into an Asian or Muslim home, an inner city, the top of a local mountain, walk in the woods or down your street in the middle of the night during a full moon. Become a bee keeper. Any of those things will heighten your senses and take you to another place. Open your reality to something new JUST BECAUSE you can. This is your power.

I have been drugged (slipped a mickey) and almost died in my sleep from it. By the grace of God friends saw me come in and stayed with me throwing up through the night. Although the friends who dropped me off had no idea, they brought me home so I was safe before anything horrible could happen. Angels are everywhere.

I have wanted to die, ridden the darkness of feeling so alone and separate from everyone, that no one understands. I knew I could end it but at the same time realized life was so short why bother. In this acceptance, I found life was what I wanted it to be, and what I wanted to create. I could ride the darkness or I could find the light. I chose the light. This cycle plagues many of us, but it isn’t until you understand the choice is yours, do you REALLY choose.

My best friend died while I was standing at the top of the Acropolis in Greece, with this heavy feeling of passing and awe. She was a neighbor, a gift, a universal grandmother of unconditional love. I met her when I was three, she was 65. I visited her everyday until she moved to assisted living, then as often as I could. I learned age is irrelevant and a soul mate connection can supersede time.

I was a waitress, letter carrier, worked in an abortion clinic during the shootings, a customer service phone rep for a bank, a security guard, High-school teacher in an inner city with students older than I was, a software developer, a corporate executive during the .com wave, real estate broker. I built a national multi-million dollar corporation, built houses, flipped houses. All represented different micro-cultures I was privileged to be part of…

I was the youngest woman to present a REIT concept at a staple financial institution on Wall Street (I sat down and they gave me their coffee mugs). I had my first company sold for 10 million and at the same time was being investigated by the Attorney General during the mortgage collapse. I know many who went to jail, as examples, from being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I could have been one of those people even though I believe my company would have solved the foreclosure collapse. Some things in life are just meant to happen to reset the things that have gotten out of control.

I have flown a plane, done track days, raced Porsches, rode dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, Jet skis, water ski. I have had many luxury cars, houses, a yacht, my own plane, a second house in Florida Keys. Nice things are nice to have but I could care less about them. They do not define happiness. At one time I thought they did.

I have given birth and nursed three beautiful amazing children who I learn from every day. I have experienced a love I never knew existed coupled with the animalistic nature to protect an offspring. I have learned my children aren’t here for me, I am here for them. I have had a miscarriage and felt the powerlessness and loss of someone I never met.

I have been happily married and happily divorced. Marriage is a financial contract. One day at a time turns into forever. It either will or it won’t. A relationship should be what two people define it to be, not what someone else dictates. Divorce is hell. Hurt people hurt people.

I’ve dated men 15 years younger than me and some older. I have loved many men in my lifetime, many have loved me. But I never experienced true love until I learned to love myself. Love is not exclusive nor should it be – however relationships can be. If I fell in love with a woman I wouldn’t define it or label it as gay or bisexual. Love isn’t defined by the physical. The physical is an expression of love or an experience of the physical, not the reverse.

By no means is that everything I have done, nor have I done everything, nor would it be possible to. But I love my body. I love myself. I love my life. I tell myself this OUT LOUD every day – because words spoken are the manifestation of energy and create the reality you see…

In my future I have many things I want to experience…. A few things on my “bucket list” Machu Picchu, hike a volcano, climb Mount Everest, learn a second language, teach seminars around the world, publish a National Best Seller, hand glide, teach my children all I know…. How about you?
xo much love, Jodi © – if you like this please share, someone else may too

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Emotional Intelligence = Key to Happiness & Success

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Feeling “bad” is part of being human…

“We are here to experience being human, which includes the entire spectrum of emotion. Stubbing our toe, having our first kiss, tasting our first ice cream, are all part of the experience of being human. Life is fundamentally a crux of positive and negative energy. There is nothing wrong with striving to always feel good or the best we can, but we have come to resist anything that feels bad. In resisting we suffer, instead of simply experiencing life as it is. It is as if we forgot that experiencing negative things or feeling “bad” is part of being human…” – Follow Your Feelings, Chapter 2. © – if you like this please share, someone else may too

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What exactly is the “ego”? Why does it exist?

What exactly is the “ego”? Why does it exist? In recent years “ego” has become an accepted term, coined to separate our consciousness into essentially one of two parts. The second part is our true selves. “Ego” defines the part of us that is the front or show, the veil we put forward to conform into accepted norms and what we think we should reveal… The ego collectively is the wall we have constructed to hide behind to keep ourselves safe (maybe it evolved as we did with war or from those who used and controlled others). Most often you are connecting and interacting with someone else’s ego. We all know when we are experiencing the true essence of another. The ego is simply a subconscious defense mechanism. The ego protects us. The world revolves around ego because none us feel or believe who we really are is safe or worthy. We guard our authenticity and truth behind this wall, and only reveal it, when we know we are safe and accepted… When we resonate from a place of unconditional love and authenticity others feel safe to do the same. © – if you like this please share, someone else may too

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You can change to a happy song.

I am the biggest proponent of feeling… if you feel bad, feel it. If it hurts, hurt. Let the energy ride its course… it will eventually burn out, if you let it. However, some people ride and fuel bad feelings instead of moving past them. You can actually get stuck in negative energy or drama as a state of being. It is all what we choose to experience. You can change your radio station to a happy song. Misery enjoys company. © – if you like this please share, someone else may too :)

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