No greater love…

These are the moments you realize there is no greater love, than the love a child feels for a parent… Laying in the tub last night my 6 year old daughter looked up at me smiling, and said, “Mommy why do you look so beautiful at night? Do you think we are going to a ball or something”… (after I had just showered, dried my hair, no make up, in pajamas). ♡ And those are the moments that make it all worth it.

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Are you with a harmonious or dysfunctional soulmate?

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There are two distinct types of attraction. Harmony and discord (energetically speaking). Harmony is when two people’s resonance match in synergy (often called soul mates). These two have similar interests, belief systems, and often a peaceful, complimentary relationship. Most relationships, however, are based on discord (broken resonance)… chase games, blame, attack… These relationships are when two people match, but in brokenness. Each try to resolve childlike pain, insecurity, fear, etc. through the other (often subconsciously). These couples lash out, blame the other for their unhappiness, and so on. There is explosiveness and intensity they often confuse as love,  an illusion of passion, constant engaging, and attention (even if negative). They use eachother to pass and receive the negative energy they carry, and are often caught in a hurtful emotional volley ball game. Everyone has some of this. It is impossible to completely separate ourselves from others, but to become conscious of this dysfunction empowers you to break the cycle. Changing partners rarely changes anything, because the resonance you have is in you. Who you are with, is what you attracted… (more coming soon in my book Emotional Maturity – Follow Your Feelings) xo @

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“I just lost my middle one, he was 16 months old”…


“I have 3 children… had 3. I just lost my middle one, he was 16 months old”… I didn’t know what to say. I hadn’t seen her in 5 years. She was smiling and it was genuine. Her husband was smiling too and they had a playful banter between them, passing their 8 month old back and forth. I didn’t understand. How could they be smiling? “I can’t imagine your loss”, I said, “Do you mind if I ask how?” She responded casually, “He had a rare form of cancer in his brain. We had lots of sleep overs until he passed.” My heart sank trying to imagine this with my middle one. I don’t think I would survive. I feel pain when one of them scratches a knee or has a fever. How do some bounce back from such tragedy and recover so strong? Why are some so resilient while others grieve, resent, or suffer for years? Their peace and happiness was authentic. Even their 5 year old bounced around as if life was as exciting and as fun as ever… I told her, her strength is commendable. She said, “We relished in the time we had. My oldest misses him alot, he was her playmate, but we did all we could”… There was no drama in her voice, no blame, no anger. “Jodi, people complain about so many things, so many things that really don’t matter. I listen and think, wow you have no idea… all of it can be gone tomorrow.” #nowords #liveintoday #begrateful

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People spend hours in the gym to build the muscles I used to hate…

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I hated my body when I was younger, and not because I was overweight. Muscles and abs were not sexy back then… or at least that’s what I believed. But, thankfully I cared more about playing sports than how I looked. Sports gave me a challenge, purpose. I didn’t want to be the prom queen or play in the band or drink. I wanted to run. I feel the most alive when I push my body to its limits, exhaust myself; hike a mountain, run in the woods, ride my dirt bike. Now I love my body, and not because of how I look. I am strong, capable. I always have been but used to believe this made me masculine. And so what if it did. We can’t change our body type, why do we try? I’m 5’4 and muscular. Body image is relative. People spend hours in the gym to build the muscles I used to hate. I still look in the mirror and criticize, judge, wish I could change parts, but then I remind myself we all feel the same way and no one is perfect, no one. At some point you have to love and appreciate exactly who you are… because there is always someone smarter, faster, thinner… and there always will be. Acceptance. Isn’t it funny how perspective changes everything… @jodihealy #loveyourself #loveyourbody #musclesaresexy (Sign up to receive my weekly blog posts xo)

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Anyone can have sex… but few have GREAT sex

Anyone can have sex. Most people can have good sex. But few people ever had or will have GREAT sex. Few ever experience mind blowing, paralyzing sex… activating the entire body, at the highest vibration, where two energetically merge and become one. Most are not open to experience and finding pleasure in another’s pleasure, let alone themselves. They are not connected to their partner, what they feel. “Sex” has too much power, too many conditions, too many expectations, boundaries, and limitations that cloud our experience. If all the constructs disappeared and we learned to enjoy each other as we do all the other pleasures in life (slowly, savoring every moment, conscious, present) in a committed relationship or not, our experience of sex would dramatically change. Sex would no longer be an objective, but an experience of another’s essence expressed through a physical merger… Every tiny spot on our body has sensors and carries messages to the brain (can increase serotonin, dopamine, and more). Try merging with your partner instead of an outcome; intimate touching, kissing, breathing eachothers’ essence. Leave the other parts for the end, you will thank me. ‪#‎greatsex‬ ‪#‎sex‬ ‪#‎tantric‬ (if you like share and sign up to follow my blog @

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My heart breaks for any child who doesn’t have love, I never consider many don’t have a home…

Sitting at a park the other day my mother turns to me and says, “There are so many children Jodi who need foster homes. Some babies just need weekends to be held and rocked as they detox from addiction, I am thinking of taking some in”… I sat there quietly, perplexed… My heart breaks for any child who doesn’t have love, I never consider many don’t have a home. Almost 70, here is my mother, who has dedicated her life to early childhood for over 40 years, running a full time preschool in an inner city (while also struggling to take care of her own 4 children on two teacher salaries). My mother, who is finally in her retirement is now considering giving more. She has given so much already. I wonder why more of us don’t consider bringing a child into our home, temporarily. We are too busy, have our own families we can barely keep up with, too consumed in our own lives… I am so proud to have my mother as a role model, who constantly reminds me to stop, be grateful for what I have, not take it for granted, and always give what I can. #angelsamongus #fostercare #childreninneed #ilovemymom @jodihealy if you like please share, someone else may too

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If you believe it is not possible, it isn’t.

There is no secret. If you believe it is not possible, it isn’t.  The key to having and experiencing everything you desire is in what you believe. What you believe you resonate and transmit as energy. And energy in motion attracts what it needs to satisfy it. It’s that simple. The universe is not tied to outcome. If you want something different you have to feel what it feels like to have it, not think it. You have to resonate as if it is already here. But, this does not mean you deny the truth, mask your beliefs, or suppress them… how you feel about love, money, health, weight, other. If you believe you can’t lose weight, you won’t. If you believe making money is hard work, it will be. If you believe love hurts, it will. However, if you can unravel your beliefs and “heal” where you are broken you can change your frequency (that you don’t believe you deserve it, all you desire, or that you can’t be what you desire). Challenge yourself, stop blaming things outside of you for the way your life is. Turn inward and explore. The power is within you. #powerisinyou #jodihealy #findinghappiness – This is what my book will teach. If you like please share, someone else may too xo @

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