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Feelings aren’t right or wrong, they just are. Feelings simply are our experience. Follow Your Feelings is an instruction manual for how to self-heal, self-actualize, and own the power that resides in each of us through ten simple practices. The first 100 readers to post a comment here will receive a FREE EBOOK upon release! xo


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You can change to a happy song.

I am the biggest proponent of feeling… if you feel bad, feel it. If it hurts, hurt. Let the energy ride its course… it will eventually burn out, if you let it. However, some people ride and fuel bad feelings instead of moving past them. You can actually get stuck in negative energy or drama as a state of being. It is all what we choose to experience. You can change your radio station to a happy song. Misery enjoys company. © – if you like this please share, someone else may too :)

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“Ending’s” happen for a reason… Grieve, but let them.

When a relationship ends we fear we will never have the experience or feel the same again, be alone, empty, and all “love” eventually ends… Sadness, grief, and loss are natural and an important part of healing and moving forward, it also tests our faith. When a relationship “ends” it makes us face our humanity, that eventually our life here will also end… and every time we “lose” someone it triggers that fear in us. But, if we knew and trusted, had faith that nothing really ever ends, we could instead hold the love for each person we are able to experience and carry an abundance forward (instead of loss)… We are love and love never ends. We can love someone, even if our time together is over, and open ourselves to a new experience… “Ending’s” happen for a reason… Grieve, but let them. © – if you like this please share, someone else may too :)

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Settling for less simply means you don’t believe you deserve more…

Settling for less simply means you don’t believe you deserve more, so you take what you can get. But, after a while “settling” doesn’t work anymore… our souls refuse to allow it to fulfill us, and we are left unsatisfied… When this happens, we find ourselves alone, battling our beliefs and truths… struggling to make sense of why we settled for so long, why we didn’t believe we deserved better or more, and why we suffered instead. However, when you arrive at this place where settling doesn’t fulfill you (the running, the numbing, the pretending), it is then you are forced to own why you aren’t getting it, why you don’t have it, and why you want it. Only when YOU heal to the point you truly believe and resonate you deserve it, will it arrive, because YOU have. © – if you like this please share, someone else may too :)

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Ours Minds are our downfall. Thinking actually makes us unhappy.

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70-80 percent of our thoughts, on average are NEGATIVE…

The mind of a human was meant to simply be a tool, that separates us from the rest of the perfect universal order that exists in nature; from the organization in a hive of honey bees to the annual cycle of perennials. The tool of mind was a gift, for us to be able to participate consciously in the higher order… to be aware and choose what we want to experience. We have free will, but this does not mean we are suppose to try and control life. Our minds have turned into a negative obstruction to happiness, running constantly… generating fear, negativity, not trusting everything is OK in the higher order, and we need to interfere. Each person has an average of 60,000 thoughts a day, one per second. 95 percent of those are the same, repeated over and over each day. And 70-80 percent of our thoughts, on average are NEGATIVE. We do not trust the universal order of life on this planet or its harmony, the dance of energy between all things. We do not trust that everything that happens to us is part of this perfection, even the bad. Trees grow (and fall), rain covers the earth with fresh water (sometimes in a Hurricane), Bees pollinate (many die in the process)… Our minds actually prevent us from the peace that comes naturally with living… © – if you like this please share, someone else may too :)

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What would you do if I gave you $50,000????

What would you do if I gave you $50,000???? If I invested that money in you? Most people will automatically think, “buy something” (they always wanted)… pay off credit cards or other debt… Rarely will you hear people say, invest in a new business, buy a rental property… I hear everyday people say, if I only had “$X” THEN I could do “it”… Envision it. Create it. Build it. My advice is always, “Feel what it feels like if it was here. Live NOW as if you have it and it will come.” @

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