What you deserve and what someone can give are not the same thing…

What you deserve and what someone can give are not the same thing… We often get caught in a cycle of blame and victimization when someone is not able to give us what we deserve or need, or support us, or care for us. Arguing, berating, blaming, condemning, convincing, manipulating, and shaming doesn’t change anything, especially a person. If someone isn’t capable, they never will be, no matter how much energy you expend trying to get them to be. Instead, you need to honor what you deserve, and invest that energy in you. Even if the situation can’t change, like a divorce, at least you have moved to acceptance and stop wasting valuable energy in a futile situation. © jodihealy.com –if you like share. someone else may too :) xo

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A mother’s life is constant giving and sacrifice…

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A mother’s life is constant giving and sacrifice, in the smallest, unseen, details in a day… She leaves the door open when she goes to bathroom so she doesn’t miss a sound, just in case. She showers with no privacy, constant interruption, and questions. She shares her last piece of chocolate because she will be as satisfied sharing, making someone else happy. She loses an hour of sleep because someone crawls in her bed at the crack of dawn. She hangs up the call with the friend she misses terribly to change a diaper. She is the last to eat because she has to feed everyone else first. She stands up while eating because someone always needs a refill. She turns off her music to play something more appropriate. She goes outside instead of checking her email because someone wants to play on the swing set. She skips a needed night out because someone has a fever. She gives up her afternoon runs because soccer practice…

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We don’t celebrate a “death” day on purpose!

On my birthday, rather than celebrate the day I was “born”, I celebrate the year that has passed, reflecting on what I experienced. Life is simply an accumulation of experience. We don’t celebrate a “death” day for a reason. Time only matters when you are living it. Each year I reflect and write down:
-5 of the things I am most grateful for
-5 of the most memorable things that happened
-5 of things I didn’t enjoy (note this is still an experience, not something to regret or resent, and that I can intend not to repeat this in coming year if I am clear on why)
-Something I learned
-What most significantly altered my course
-5 goals I wish to accomplish in the next year
Written thoughts are locked in time and space. Fleeting thoughts remain fleeting. Be clear and strong in your intentions. Take responsibility for them. Own your power. Each year offers a whole new space to manifest whatever you desire. Happy Birthday! © jodihealy.com –like/share :)

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We deserve equality but are not “equal”…

I certainly am not an elitist, and believe in true equality… that all people have the same rights, freedom, access to abundance, and should be able to achieve all they desire. But, that doesn’t mean that everyone is at the same “level”. I wouldn’t want to be matched up against Michael Jordan in a basketball game, one on one, and expected to be able to compete at his level. I also wouldn’t want to be responsible for the earnings, day trading the stock of Microsoft. And I doubt the shareholders would either. Yet so often we place expectations on people who are just not on the same page, capable of what we are, or capable of what we ask. They are not at our level. It is easy to recognize when the stakes are extreme but they also exist at the subtlest level. Accepting people as they are is a gift, that not only you can give them, but yourself. It saves everyone involved from hurt or injury. People are just at different levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically, socially, consciously, financially… It is not personaljodihealy.com if you do, like/share :)

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Paralyzed by grief or sadness…

Often we are paralyzed by grief or sadness… we experience a loss we feel we will never recover from, and are gripped by a pain we don’t understand. But, this is simply an energy, part of our humanity. It is our awareness of the polarity of union, the opposite of completeness, the illusion of separateness… It causes a fear to rise in us that maybe we really are alone, and will end up that way. It makes us question our faith, that maybe this is all there is. We feel loss, an ending. But, that is based in humanity not divinity. Coming here we have manifested in a singular form that feels separate from source and all things. It’s not true.  We all will return, as our energy fold back into itself, into the source we originated from. We are simply energy and will return when this cycle ends… .© jodihealy.com – like/share :)

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Life isn’t about the end result, otherwise death would be the goal.

We often feel like we are on a race to nowhere… yet we continue running. Running to the store, running to the computer, running to the weekend. We forget the simple things matter; a genuine smile of acknowledgment, a delectable ice cream cone, the bright sun shining on our face after three days of rain, a gentle and needed hug. Life isn’t about the end result, otherwise death would be the goal. Rather, life is about living, experiencing everything that happens simply getting through a day… that one special text that makes you feel loved or the hot shower that soothes and relaxes your body before climbing into bed. It’s the feelings that matter. It’s the simple things. We miss the simple pleasures by running… running to somewhere other than here.© jodihealy.com – like/share

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We rarely meet in fantasy… when you do, it’s called a soul mate

If you have experienced an intense unexplainable connection, you have met a soul mate. These encounters or relationships can be volatile and passionate mixed in one whirlwind of time. They can be deep, purposeful, and grounding, in a way that makes you forever stronger. They can be intense, confusing, and undeniable despite every attempt you make to end it, to end the pain. They can be short lived and leave you with an emptiness you never thought was possible. They can last a lifetime, someone who simply is always in the background, ready and willing to be there when you need them. They can be someone you’ve never met, that you feel constantly around you warming your soul when you feel the most alone. They can be animals. Either way, a soul mate rips a tear in your reality and forever changes you as a person… Sometimes they bring answers. Sometimes they leave questions. Most often they awaken us to a new kind of love we never knew was possible, and leave us grieving and yearning for it, forever. A soul mate is a gift reminding us of a higher dimension of love, from a different time, a different place, before here… © jodihealy.com –if you like, share someone else may too :) xo

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