Even darkness folds into light…

You can either see life as beautiful, abundant, fulfilling, and supporting you in everything that happens… or you can see the darkness, lack of, and live in fear of the things you can’t control, the unknown. However, know it’s a choice how you decide to experience life. It is all a matter of perspective. All waves fold back into the whole, even darkness into light, as do all things. © jodihealy.com
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Emotions are our personal amusement park.

Emotions are our personal amusement park. Each experience is a ride; some make you throw up, some make you lightheaded and dizzy, some make you scream, some make you lose your breath, some make your whole body tingle, some make you feel like you are flying, and some make you laugh so hard you cry… but without these things life would be boring, even mundane. Every single experience you have is a gift, even the polarity. To feel is to be human.© #jodihealy .com #supersoulsunday #happiness #lifeisagift #followyourfeelings

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Being human sucks. But that’s the point.

Being human sucks was as a book title I created when I was younger. I assumed everyone else had it figured out and I was the only one who was unhappy. I wasn’t always unhappy but I certainly wasn’t one of those people that was always happy… Now I realize, being human does suck (often but not always), but that’s the purpose of being here, to experience it all. We are going to stub our toe, get stung, have the flu, lose our favorite toy, grab expired ice cream from the freezer… This is what separates us from the other life on this planet. We have the gift of emotion, a deep and vast kaleidoscope of feelings to experience, including the bad ones. A deer doesn’t get lost in envy nor does a bird dwell in grief (at least that we can see). Life isn’t meant to be perfect or utopian ALL THE TIME, that happens next. Yet we spend so much of our lives resisting, resenting, trying to control, deny, avoid, numb, or suppress anything “bad”. We want a perfect night sleep every night. It’s never going to happen, no matter what mattress you have. The only way you can appreciate the great night sleep is the perspective you gain from the bad one. That’s the point. Life is polarity. The key to mastering happiness is accepting pain as a part of life, being able to experience it then let it go. It will pass, it always does. © jodihealy.com –if you like, share someone else may too :)

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Illness begins from the inside out…

Illness begins from the inside out… as well as wellness. What you put in your body matters. It is science. Do you want to manifest from chemicals? Artificial ingredients? Processed foods? We do not get sick from things outside of us, we get sick from what is inside us. Drugs do not fix the core issue, it only treats the symptoms. We are not fueling our bodies with the things that generate optimal cells and this leads to disease, nor are we in optimal health to defeat the things that can hurt us. There is a reason premium gas is used in luxury cars. Every day we generate new cells, and every 7 months you have a whole new body (almost literally). We are naturally perfect and strong, if we fuel our bodies with proper nutrition from live foods (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, etc.). Our bodies have a natural and perfect way to generate cells but also destroy and detox things that hurt us. Our skin, kidneys, intestines, etc. all naturally detox. But, people start getting sick in their 40’s because their bodies are overloaded and can no longer process all the toxic things we put in our bodies or are exposed to, we actually accumulate them. They get stored in our tissues and saturates them. Do a heavy metal hair test, these things don’t belong in our bodies. It makes sense. Overtime our bodies, like a sponge can no longer absorb any more, and our systems becomes less efficient, and often starts to break down (indigestion, chronic inflammation and pain, etc.). Any anyone can reverse this. Anyone can change their lifestyle today, one day at a time; drinking the right amounts of water, exercise (even walking 1 mile activates your sweat glands (sweating is a perfect detox), increases serotonin in your brain (improves state of mind and more), and improves the efficiency of your entire system). Juicing and probiotics are ways to improve health, simply and easily. Bentonite clays and Epsom baths are natural ways to detox. There are many people in the field who can support you on this journey. Do not wait for your body to set off the alarm or break down… Your wake-up call is now. © jodihealy.com –if you like, share someone else may too :)

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What you deserve and what someone can give are not the same thing…

What you deserve and what someone can give are not the same thing… We often get caught in a cycle of blame and victimization when someone is not able to give us what we deserve or need, or support us, or care for us. Arguing, berating, blaming, condemning, convincing, manipulating, and shaming doesn’t change anything, especially a person. If someone isn’t capable, they never will be, no matter how much energy you expend trying to get them to be. Instead, you need to honor what you deserve, and invest that energy in you. Even if the situation can’t change, like a divorce, at least you have moved to acceptance and stop wasting valuable energy in a futile situation. © jodihealy.com –if you like share. someone else may too :) xo

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We don’t celebrate a “death” day on purpose!

On my birthday, rather than celebrate the day I was “born”, I celebrate the year that has passed, reflecting on what I experienced. Life is simply an accumulation of experience. We don’t celebrate a “death” day for a reason. Time only matters when you are living it. Each year I reflect and write down:
-5 of the things I am most grateful for
-5 of the most memorable things that happened
-5 of things I didn’t enjoy (note this is still an experience, not something to regret or resent, and that I can intend not to repeat this in coming year if I am clear on why)
-Something I learned
-What most significantly altered my course
-5 goals I wish to accomplish in the next year
Written thoughts are locked in time and space. Fleeting thoughts remain fleeting. Be clear and strong in your intentions. Take responsibility for them. Own your power. Each year offers a whole new space to manifest whatever you desire. Happy Birthday! © jodihealy.com –like/share :)

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We deserve equality but are not “equal”…

I certainly am not an elitist, and believe in true equality… that all people have the same rights, freedom, access to abundance, and should be able to achieve all they desire. But, that doesn’t mean that everyone is at the same “level”. I wouldn’t want to be matched up against Michael Jordan in a basketball game, one on one, and expected to be able to compete at his level. I also wouldn’t want to be responsible for the earnings, day trading the stock of Microsoft. And I doubt the shareholders would either. Yet so often we place expectations on people who are just not on the same page, capable of what we are, or capable of what we ask. They are not at our level. It is easy to recognize when the stakes are extreme but they also exist at the subtlest level. Accepting people as they are is a gift, that not only you can give them, but yourself. It saves everyone involved from hurt or injury. People are just at different levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, psychically, socially, consciously, financially… It is not personaljodihealy.com if you do, like/share :)

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