We all seem to believe our lives are so unique or different…

Of course, sitting at the beach in such close proximity to everyone, you can’t help “people watch” or overhear others conversations… we naturally tune in and out of them, like changing radio stations… we hear the normal things and complaints about work, money, partners, kids, someone with some ailment or illness, someone trying to lose weight… There is a simple yet beautiful consistency in all our experiences, our feelings, yet we seem to believe our lives are so unique or different… that we aren’t all here doing the same thing. What I realize is each of us yearns to be seen, to be heard, to be accepted, to be authentic, to be honest, to matter. Ultimately, to be loved, unconditionally… But, the interesting piece is no one can give us this, it is only something we can share; ourselves.

If you like please share, someone else may too :)

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I love the transition of New England seasons…

I love the transition of New England seasons… It truly is a gift. The feel, the air, the sensory overload. As we move to Fall, I feel the air crisp and cool, yet the sun still shines bright and warms everything it touches. As I walk in the fields, I smell the leaves and flora drying out, releasing their bountiful essence. The bugs and bees scavenge for the last ounces of nectar. I see the hint of browns, oranges, and yellows evolving. I hear the birds singing their last songs, the frogs croaking preparing to burrow.We live in such a beautiful area. Walk with this in mind and be present. This is when we are not only one with all things and God, but in ourselves. @ jodihealy.com

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Taking all the pieces of my heart back…

Someone once told me to visualize taking all the pieces of my heart back that I had given away… I never really thought much about it, but then I realized I had left pieces of myself with others. Because I believed, along the way, when a relationship ended (even by my choice), that the love died and remained with that person. That it was loss. But when I began to truly focus on and learn to love myself (the way I gave my love away) slowly all those pieces returned to me. My heart became full and I realized that each relationship was a gift not a loss, even the perceived bad ones or short term ones. Any love we experience, is simply a moment in time harmonizing in resonance with another. Conditional love teaches us that love comes from outside of us. It doesn’t. Conditional love causes us to experience loss. But love never ends, just time. © jodihealy.com –if you like, share someone else may too :) xo

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Loss is not real, only the experience of it is.

It is impossible to think through an experience… It must be felt.  The only way to transmute energy is to feel it. But as you do, be a witness to your feelings. Grief is great example of an energy that can only be felt and passed through. You cannot reason or analyze yourself out of a loss… and as you allow yourself to feel it, the intensity and pain fades. Because loss is not real, only the experience of it is. Love never ends, and neither do we. How you react to things, how you feel about them, especially the ones you feel the strongest about lead you to your beliefs and how you experience life. Unravelling these are how and where you can change.  The things you defend are usually the beliefs that are broken and in opposition to truth, and what you need to heal… because truth requires no defense. You just live it and are it… #followyourfeelings #thepowerisinyou #jodihealy

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Love is not what you think it is


Love is not what you think it is. It isn’t exclusive. It isn’t what you were raised and conditioned to believe. It isn’t something you only have or can have with one person. It isn’t finite. It isn’t conditional. Love is a resonance. Love is simply an energy, the most powerful energy that exists. And “love” exists in all things, even water. Some believe it is God. Some believe love is the energy that manifests all life, source energy. Scientists around the world are discovering that “love”, its energy, can mold, shape, and change the form and structure of anything that exists on this planet, water, even us. Dr. Masaru, Dr. Hunt, the movie Secret of Water, all demonstrate how little we know about the invisible forces of energy in us and on our planet. We have yet to understand how to manipulate energy but energy manipulates us… The resonance you carry, how you feel, determines not only your experience but the physical state of your being. Being in love raises our vibration, and so often we believe it is a person causing it, but in reality they are simply triggering our true resonance… Why one person does this while another doesn’t is not yet understood but sadly we limit ourselves and our experience of love in the confines of  singular human relationships. I believe love is in us, that we are love, and others simply trigger a higher resonance. When we are being molded by opposing energies, like stress and hate, that love is suppressed and our vibration is lowered. But some people raise our vibration, we feel in love or love because they remind us of our truth. The more open you are, the more you can experience love always,  alone or with anyone, even in nature. Love is more powerful and vast than you can ever comprehend… Be aware and open. Much love xo #JodiHealy @ jodihealy.com

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We can never know the invisible demons that plaque the lives of another…

We can never know the invisible demons that plague the lives of another… behind the veil of sadness, anger, hostility, or sudden isolation… these can be debilitating physical ailments or diseases, bouts of dark depression, the unexpected of loss a loved one. Sometimes compassion and simple detachment gives someone the break they need. To let them be right where they are, and accepted. Sometimes people cannot handle what they are experiencing, and it bleeds onto those around them. It may not be personal. It is like allowing a child to have a temper tantrum, to release the energy that consumes them. Sometimes people need a break from having to perform or live up to social standards during tough unspoken times… Remember the world revolves around each of us, yet differently. It isn’t always about us. jodihealy.com #acceptance #unconditionallove #liveandletlive

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