We rarely meet in fantasy… when you do, it’s called a soul mate

If you have experienced an intense unexplainable connection, you have met a soul mate. These encounters or relationships can be volatile and passionate mixed in one whirlwind of time. They can be deep, purposeful, and grounding, in a way that makes you forever stronger. They can be intense, confusing, and undeniable despite every attempt you make to end it, to end the pain. They can be short lived and leave you with an emptiness you never thought was possible. They can last a lifetime, someone who simply is always in the background, ready and willing to be there when you need them. They can be someone you’ve never met, that you feel constantly around you warming your soul when you feel the most alone. They can be animals. Either way, a soul mate rips a tear in your reality and forever changes you as a person… Sometimes they bring answers. Sometimes they leave questions. Most often they awaken us to a new kind of love we never knew was possible, and leave us grieving and yearning for it, forever. A soul mate is a gift reminding us of a higher dimension of love, from a different time, a different place, before here… © jodihealy.com –if you like, share someone else may too :) xo

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Why men love boobs.

Why do men love boobs, especially large ones? And women? Let’s be honest, we all do. We admire them. When we see a women with large breasts (even if implants lay beneath) we can’t take our eyes off them, sometimes we stare. The women looks beautiful, shapely, and voluptuous. They are soft, they bounce. They feel good to touch and to be touched. Even small ones. But let’s face it, our consciousness collectively favors large boobs. I personally have been on all sides of size, and have come to understand this phenomena. Even women with small boobs when they give birth, grow larger ones nursing. The breasts fill with milk and swell. Ask any woman who has smaller boobs, while nursing, they loved having bigger ones… Ok, so why? What is this phenomena? The answer is actually primal and based on evolution, survival. When we are born, our first experience with comfort, love, and most of all sustenance is boobs. And as a baby ANY SIZE seems BIG. Our tiny heads are placed naked gently on our mothers bosom to glare into her loving eyes and begin to feed (even if you were never nursed). And generally this is where babies remain until they can sit, right on top of boobs (even their Dad’s). So why do we love them? Why wouldn’t we?! It is our first experience in this world, the softest and safest place to be. However, unfortunately, not acknowledging this truth has made our consciousness haywire… Maybe the men and women whose mothers didn’t nurse them or long enough has created this craze of big boobs, or maybe we all just yearn to be back there enveloped in softness. That somehow larger breasts are more beautiful or attractive… But all breasts are beautiful because at some point you were on top of them (small and large) snuggled safe and sound! And, when you become a mother they will change. And when they do it will be an amazing miracle to sustain the life of your newborn, just by nursing them, no matter WHAT size they are. Rather than us appreciate this cycle we tend to adore just large. Every single one of us has been there, with a tiny head any boob seems massive. Either way, it is a true phenomenon – we love boobs, any size… and for good reason. So, let’s just admit it and admire ALL of them. © jodihealy.com –if you like, share someone else may too :) xo

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The next “snapshot” of yourself can be whatever you desire.

Our present physical state isn’t an “end”, it is simply a snapshot of what we did in the past. We manifest from an invisible power every second. By putting our intention on manifesting perfection we can change… In any moment we can change the way we feel, what we believe, and what we do. The next “snapshot” of yourself can be whatever you desire. © jodihealy.com

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Love isn’t something that happens to us…

Love isn’t something that happens to us, it’s something we experience. Love is an energy, a feeling, a frequency… if speaking the word love can transform water into beautiful snowflake like molecules (Dr. Emoto Masaru) simply by the vibration of it spoken, imagine what it can do to us (who are 70% water)… We can choose to resonate love. It is an energy we can experience no matter what is happening to or around us. Simply meditating on the word love, the feeling can change your frequency to it. Imagine someone you love embracing you, a memory, a sunset… Love IS and comes from within you. © jodihealy.com –if you like, share someone else may too xo

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Dating 101: Lesson 1

Dating 101: If you find someone you like and connect with, ride the wave. Stop waiting or looking for another one, even if the wave is temporary. We miss the opportunity right in front of us to simply experience another person… in the gift of time and moment you are connected… Thinking there is always something better coming, like life in general, you end up missing and losing what’s already here. And even if there is something better coming, be present where you are. Every moment is a step into the future. © jodihealy.com –if you like, share someone else may too :) xo



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Return to myself…

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Look at that rose, so pretty and free….

(I wrote this February 15, when I was 17 years old)
Look at that rose, so pretty and free
I am so jealous for that’s what I’d like to be
It stands all alone, but always so proud
no problems, or faults, no feelings allowed
Its life is short but loves till it dies
I look at a rose so gorgeous and cry
No one could bother it, it would only stand still
It has its protection with strong thorns of will
I admire a rose, so pretty and free
I am so jealous, for that’s how I’d like to be…
© jodihealy.comif you like, share someone else may too xo

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